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Kim M Allen

The best mentors have  a pedigree of results

Will make a difference.

Will be focused, attentive and Professional. Will talk to you about you! not themselves.

A mentor can help to shorten your learning curve, open your mind to new ideas and possibilities, identify opportunities and advise on how to promote yourself. If you select a mentor who works with you and becomes your personal confidant, he will provide invaluable information on how to navigate the company politics and achieve your goals. Mentoring is not just a great idea; it is a proven concept:

My Story begins with my passion, I have worked for and owned business in Europe and here in New Zealand. 

My story is made up of my experiences, I asked the same questions of many successful leaders, what is it'; that makes your business great.

The message is as clear today, as it was back then  and  can be harnessed in this one statement

"There is no Provision without Vision"  

That was the message from most of the inspirational leaders I met along my 40-year journey in the Business world. 

"Those that stop learning to stop earning" 

It was always my passion to understand and learn from others

I attribute this to my success not only as a writer but also as a businessman

I still have the same mentor and Companion today and he is the reason for the many milestones I have achieved as well as the hurdles I have overcome.

We are all sometimes guilty of being too quick to think and slow to act when it comes to making decisions for a lot of different reasons

We are also guilty of thinking we have all the answers and sometimes we may find it hard to collaborate when, to be honest, this, more than often, is where the answer lies.

One of the main reasons for failure is that we accept poor advice by the so-called expert.

Please don't listen to those so-called experts, that tell you that it's your business and you know best, don't let them tell you what to do. ( I've heard this being related too many times in the Liquidation offices)

In my experience in today's fast-moving technological world, we need expert help more than ever.

Good business leaders ask for help when they understand that leadership is about making good decisions and sometimes that means finding the right mentor who will assist you in implementing the correct strategy.

I don't know of any great businesses, sportsmen/women or teams that don't have a great coach/mentor

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Kim, is a successful Author CEO and mentor 

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