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Kim is a partner and CEO here at LTBC.

 A highly acclaimed mentor to many business executives in NZ & Europe

 Having pioneered and chaired several industry groups, to improve cognitive and cultural challenges,  Kim continues to develop strategies and new initiatives for NZ businesses. 

 Kim, has considerable experience and knowledge of SMEs and large organisations having worked for three of the largest Blue Chip Companies in Europe.

An accomplished proficient leader and author, CEO and Director of large and medium businesses, is renowned for his ability to transform companies to grow and leverage.  

 With over 35years experience as a sales & marketing director has ridden numerous waves and steered many businesses to outstanding results.

 Awarded several high achiever awards in recognition of his business acumen and people skills.   Boasts one of the highest ever sales overrun for YP, coached and developed the Northern Team to four consecutive Gold awards.   

 Kim brings a wealth of experience in assisting CEOs, boards Business owners, senior managers,to improve their skills, Is renowned for his development of high-end sales training has an immense engine, is one of the most talented motivational speakers on the circuit.

Kim. continues to inspire with his last book “the pocketbook of sales and marketing.” and is currently working on his second.

His passion to help and support Leaders is greatly admired as he continues to devote his time to others. Kim advocates, great leaders have great mentors 

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Statutory Liability $1,000,000 Any one claim and in the aggregate
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NAMED INSURED: Lets Talk Business Consultants Limited
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About Anthony
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 Anthony is the IT expert here at LTBC has a wealth of experience and talent in the technology and prevention sector

After studying and working in IT for almost 20 years, I’ve witnessed the impact a faulty mindset around technology can have on businesses today. They find it difficult to operate efficiently and are more vulnerable to risks, staff experience stress, and too much energy is spent on trying to put out fires, their customer service suffers, and as a result, they stop focusing on their overall strategy.


As your qualified, outsourced IT, expert, I cut through the hype and jargon to remove complexities and demystify technology – enabling you to not only regain control but also transform your business. I design and implement policies, processes and strategies that work, so you can focus your energy on achieving outcomes and providing excellent customer service – knowing that your technology is working hard for you, not the other way around.

I partner with businesses to understand what they want their technology to enable them to do – asking the right questions and analysing their challenges to determine effective and relevant solutions. You won’t hear a sleazy sales pitch from me.

To help you manage IT problems, I’ll dig deep to find the root cause, enabling you to take the right action around your technology to get it fixed or stop it happening in the first place. After it’s resolved, everything’s fully documented – keeping you accountable and covered.

With my knowledge of IT security and technology’s impact, I also help assess and mitigate your security risks. With confidence you have robust systems in place, you can focus on the big picture again.

Technology needn’t be overwhelming or avoided, and to get that message across, I’m a public speaker too. NZ speaking gigs include IT Rutherford, Business Strategy and Tech Talks. I’ve talked about creating a risk awareness culture; intelligent business automation and 


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Mark is a partner in the business who believes and supports wholeheartedly that right now is the most exciting time for businesses & people to reach their full potential. Access to tailored and measurable advice to be successful is unprecedented.
He is a seasoned Sales Mentor, Strategist & Leader with over a decade of successful results in outbound sales, client retention, and world-class leadership.
A proven successful track record in various industries of Sales & Marketing across B2B & B2C markets.
Highly skilled in training and developing individuals/teams by putting into action his resilient worth ethic and self-motivation to provide results. Committed to being the best in every 
leadership position he embraces, he identifies the vision & passion that produces the best and most successful people in their roles.
His vision for the business is clear and exciting. To offer world-class sales training, leadership and mentoring. This means he will never ask someone to do something that he is not ready to do himself.
His vision is to keep learning every day and to become a better version of himself than the day before.

“Courage is rightly considered the foremost of the virtues, for, upon it, all others depend.”
– Winston Churchill
Mark, is a risk-taker. Every day we need to take risks in order to achieve our vision and goals. He
is confident in his skills and ability which enables him to be courageous in taking risks with no
assurance of success.
“Truthfulness is the foundation quality of the trust that is necessary for the success of any
business.” - Brian Tracy
His integrity/moral principles are the foundation of his character. while his tenacity to succeed is elementary, it will never supersede integrity.

Confidence is vital but humility is paramount. Balancing self-confidence and humility continue to shape my character and it forever reminds me of the hard work I need to replicate continuously to be successful as a leader.
First and foremost Mark is a God-fearing man.


About Robert


For over 27 years I have been helping a variety of businesses manage their advertising presence.

Currently, I manage several businesses online presence in Spain the UK and NZ, I manage their Facebook, Google Adwords & Business, Twitter, Instagram and Websites.

I discuss with the companies owners regularly to supply performance reports and get updated goals & objectives.

Robert is a credit to his profession, having worked with Robert on many different projects, what I can tell anyone that engage his services, is, they will get a world-class professional who’s energy and enthusiasm never waivers, he can deliver where other companies don’t even touch the surface. Robert is a trusted high-quality performer who is held in high regard by his clients. 

"If you manage to engage his services, I guarantee you won't be disappointed"