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The Why and the Who, Two vital questions I get asked. As we try and fathom what digital vehicle to use in an attempt to generate more quality leads for our business, I want to clarify some critical points.

Just before we continue let me explain a little of my background, primarily from the corporate world; my position as the Sales director allowed me to sculpt and grow the business in some challenging and unprecedented times. Much like what we are facing currently. My real learning throughout my career came from watching and studying, extraordinary individuals that perfected their position and soared above their peers. These gifted people were game-changers; the selected few that never stopped growing, never afraid to share their vision and abilities to outperform make big decisions, and lead by example.

Paying attention to the How is maybe the missing link today. We all want to know how to do something, not just what it is and what it will do. Many of us are not up to speed with the digital world; it moves with pace and changes like the wind.

Many writers focus on the wrapper and not on the content, everywhere we look or read we are searching how to do something, the definition is not always clear; we crave clarity. Yet we are more confused by lengthy attempts to give us the How.  When it comes to business growth its, all well and suitable for those who run profitable and successful companies, but what about those that are struggling, facing challenges, experiencing difficulties. (If we are to believe the statistics that is 80% of all SMEs will struggle or go out of business in the next twelve months, then what are we doing about it!) where do these businesses go to get the information or support they need.

In writing this book, I explain how leaders perform and behave, how we can make a difference, making some simple but significant changes to everyday actions, then we experience positive change and improve results.

I have tabulated my book to give direction on elements of business where you may need help; I have also tried to keep it simple devoid of confusing language. There are 30 separate tabs to make it easy to navigate through.

Having run several businesses and worked in the corporate world at a senior level, I have learned from the many mistakes, some more painful than others. I have mentored many leaders of various sized businesses and have been privileged to help steer many of them to exponential growth and success.

My book is a collection of those experiences, the one thing that I elude to early on in the book is the importance of strength of character, too many leaders today can lose focus of this vital element. Together we can explore how we can move mountains, by being Strong, Decisive, and Consistent.

I hope in some way that by reading this short book. It will encourage, change and transform your business journey, assisting you to grow and succeed in achieving your goals and vision. My passion and purpose are that you will become a great leader. 

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Kim Allen

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