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Robert Asher Kirkhope


For over 27 years I have been helping a variety of businesses manage their advertising presence.

Currently, I manage several businesses online presence in Spain the UK and NZ, I manage their Facebook, Google Adwords & Business, Twitter, Instagram and Websites.

I discuss with the companies owners regularly to supply performance reports and get updated goals & objectives.

Robert is a credit to his profession, having worked with Robert on many different projects, what I can tell anyone that engage his services, is, they will get a world-class professional who’s energy and enthusiasm never waivers, he can deliver where other companies don’t even touch the surface. Robert is a trusted high-quality performer who is held in high regard by his clients. 

"If you manage to acquire his services I guarantee you won't be disappointed"

Kim M Allen


What you are missing

How important are quality leads to your business 


                    Invest in both SEA and SEO

According to Julien Rio, you should invest in both SEA and SEO. SEA has three major characteristics: it is paid, quickly efficient, and short term.

  1. Paid, because the concept is always to get people to give you visibility and traffic against payment.

  2. Quickly efficient, because you do not need to build up a strategy: in exchange for your payment, your partner will provide you with immediate visibility that shall quickly translate into extra traffic and conversions*.

  3. Short term, because unfortunately, your SEM efforts will have an impact as long as your budget lasts. When stopping your campaign, its effect will almost instantly vanish.

*Be careful: quickly efficient does not mean “instant miracle”. Even though you should see an increase in traffic within a few hours, it might take longer to get extra conversions. SEA is all about optimization, trial, and error:( this is why you need a specialist partner) you will need to optimize your campaigns and reassign your budget based on results. You will need to reconsider the platforms you use for advertising, the message you send and the audience you reach. Do not expect overnight success simply because you paid for it (ask me about this)

SEO has three major characteristics

Rio then explains that SEO has three major characteristics: time-consuming, slow to show results, and long-term.

1. Time-consuming, because even though the first audit and round of improvements should be fairly easy, it will take a lot of efforts to start building backlinks and effective partnerships that will bring you the traffic you need.

2. Slow to show results, because it takes time for Google to revise your website, notice the improvements and act accordingly. It might take up to 6 months to see the results of your efforts. Just make sure you do not fall for “easy quick fixes” that usually only get you blacklisted! (warning)

3. Long term, because all you do today will have an impact in the long term. If you improve your website, create backlinks and generate content, Google will notice it and give you a better organic ranking, even long after you stopped improving your site.


Therefore, according to Rio, you should have a continuous SEO strategy running in the background. Never stop it. You might want to invest more or less time in it based on your resources but keep running it: it will always be beneficial in the end. Do not get discouraged if you see no immediate results.

SEA should be more of an “on-need” strategy. You could constantly run it to improve your results but ultimately it is more an “on-demand” strategy to help you boost your results when needed. However, keep in mind that SEA is also about campaign optimization. Do not completely cut it or change your budget entirely from one day to the other: that biases your results and makes the analysis less reliable.

LTB, Accept that this is still a conundrum for many businesses today and not every business realises the importance of SEO especially with the emergence of technical data and the confusion that the so-called specialists would have you believe. Keep it Simple' is still the best route in the digital market.

We get results with the proof for our clients. So, my advice is to go to someone like Robert, who can

deliver results because he is not only a Google partner but he will give you the analysis you must have to appreciate your investment. My advice is, don't cut corners when it comes to investing in generating enquiries for your business. 


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