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This has to be one of the most effective and groundbreaking tools in the business world today. This will transform your people and your business by increasing productivity, implementing strong management controls, improves  Staff retention and morale, staff security and much more. This will open your eyes and ears to a superior process of Leadership and people development unparalleled 

When I started my career, my manager asked me to send daily updates on the status of my assignments. regularly monitoring my work he pushed me to deliver beyond my targets and team expectations. 

Slowly, as I gained experience, he changed the frequency of my updates from daily to weekly. I stopped giving him these details weekly, and only when we had team reviews did I supply this information as I never missed targets and always overachieved. in-fact he only got involved when is asked for help. 

Does it seem this simple and obvious?  Leader's change their style as they learn to manage the team members individually the experience and level of each employee have to be managed differently and effectively. Not on mass?

According to the  KenBlanchard company, 54% of leaders use only one leadership style, regardless of the situation. 

The most crucial aspect of being a successful leader is to be able to adapt to a variety of business needs. That’s what situational leadership allows you to accomplish. 

Situational leadership does not refer to a single tool that will work in every situation. It does not talk about a fixed method to be used all the time for all the business operations. 

As a situational leader, you choose the methodologies as per the situation at hand. For instance, you are directive with less experienced team members working on complex tasks, whereas you will be supportive when they become skilled.

It gives you an advantage over other leaders. You can fit in different teams with distinct mindsets and competency level, and get the best out of each one of them.

Your skill to be able to work in different scenarios and adjust yourself to business requirements and the maturity level of employees gives you an edge over leaders who lack these qualities. It allows you to provide the desired results more efficiently than them as they use only a particular leadership style in all situation

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021 027 24797

021 027 24797

my book new and final cover back and spi
my book new and final cover back and spi