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 Working in our Business Hub

 A rare and unique opportunity!

If working from home! Is not for you. Then read this, our business offers you something completely different, this proposition is transforming businesses..Call us for more information 

          Our unique offer 

We have a unique proposition to Businesses that are looking for support, with the added advantage of self-contained offices at the best prices on the Shore.

This is for those businesses that have success written all over their Business plan, Let me explain do any of the items on this list resonate with you then please ring me urgently on 021 027 24797.  As these spaces are filling up

 1. On Hand, are all the business mentors housed in the same offices and here to

help and assist, as described in this site. Free to resident businesses 


 2. Fully equipped kitchen and Boardroom, great parking?  

 3. Amazing Footfall of Traffic daily with space to Advertise your brand and business

PB tech on the left and Noel leaming on the right (Don't underestimate how important this is)

 4. Training facilities Wi-Fi and (phones available) 

 5. Bi-Weekly networking sessions 

 6. prices start from 300 per Month ( be quick they are going fast)

 This is a unique opportunity if you are a new business or established and don't want to work from home, enjoying the buzz and encouragement of a buoyant and successful office, with all you need, to succeed. 











There is an opportunity for any discerning individuals who want to earn a living from helping SMEs succeed.

Full training and support:  3-day inclusive training by our team of experts, who not only train on how to deliver a unique and practical service but also dedicate a full day to sales and being able to close and earn in excess of 200k a year 


                    Call today and discuss opportunity and availability 

                                         021 027 24797    

Our Sales Training 

call us today to enquire how our Diamond Sales Training courses will transform your sales operation.

A unique and proven system to selling aand profiling 

021 027 24797




Welcome to


Exponents of this very effective business process.

Call today for further information

This has to be one of the most effective and groundbreaking tools in the business world today, overlook this at your peril. This will transform your people and your business by increasing productivity, management controls, Staff retention, Moral, Staff security and much more. This will open your eyes and ears to a superior process of Leadership in todays business evolution

When I started my career, my manager asked me to send daily updates on the status of my assignments. This regular monitoring of my work pushed me to deliver as per his expectations. 

Slowly, as I gained experience, he changed the frequency of my updates from daily to weekly. Later, I stopped giving him any details of my work, and he intervened in my assignments only when I asked for help. 

Does it seem simple and obvious to you? The leader changing his style with the experience level of his employee is as easy as it can get. Isn’t it?

Well, the KenBlanchard company does not think so. According to them, 54% of leaders use only one leadership style, regardless of the situation. 

The most crucial aspect of being a successful leader is to be able to adapt to a variety of business needs. That’s what situational leadership allows you to accomplish. 

Situational leadership does not refer to a single tool that will work in every situation. It does not talk about a fixed method to be used all the time for all the business operations. 

As a situational leader, you choose the methodologies as per the situation at hand. For instance, you are directive with less experienced team members working on complex tasks, whereas you will be supportive when they become skilled.

It gives you an advantage over other leaders. You can fit in different teams with distinct mindsets and competency level, and get the best out of each one of them.

Your skill to be able to work in different scenarios and adjust yourself to business requirements and the maturity level of employees gives you an edge over leaders who lack these qualities. It allows you to provide the desired results more efficiently than them as they use only a particular leadership style in all situation

       For more information on  this powerful and effective management tool. Call me today 

021 027 24797

021 027 24797

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please contact agent

Margaret Allen

021 02724797

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