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Creating better leaders and driving a better future for today’s businesses.

LTBC are a team of experienced, talented experts with a shared mission to see you and your business succeed.

Whether you are a small business or large corporate, you can benefit from our mentoring. We promise to always act with integrity, humility and trust.

Mentoring is central to the success, health and growth of modern-day businesses, especially here in NZ.

Leaders today must be strong, effective decision-makers, who act with consistency and decisiveness. They must be willing to learn, adapt and act.

A mentor is someone who can see the talents and abilities that lie within. Excellent mentors motivate, inspire, validate and encourage leaders, helping them realise their values and goals.

We serve as confidants in sensitive areas and become your sounding board and personal advisor, assisting you in understanding conflict and exploring ways to deal with leadership challenges that you face every day.

Above all else, there must be trust and confidentiality within the mentoring relationship—especially if you are looking to change roles or industries.

We work together so you can discover and enjoy the rewards of mentoring and the profound impact it can have on you, your business and your people.

How you will benefit from working with LTBC

1. From job adverts to staff retention, we can help you find the right people and keep them engaged

LTBC can save you time and money and make a difference when it comes to recruiting your key staff.

We get to know your business, your vision, and your goals. We are experts at position profiling and will gather the information which allows us to accurately profile the individual so that you can turn your new employee into an immediate asset.

2. We know what makes a great business: Developing the right culture, behaviours and performance

That’s why we’ll help your business create new strategies to improve team productivity and performance, develop new systems to analyse and measure new methods of working together, and work towards transforming your culture as a complete team, no matter how big or small your business.

A strong company culture makes your workplace attractive – making it easier to find and retain the best people for your business. LTBC helps you focus on building the right behaviours and culture in a structured, strategic and measurable way.

We’ll help you support and manage individuals within your business, whatever their role, so that everyone feels equipped to fulfil your business goals, vision and values.

3) Technology – Delivering the strategy you need

Most technology companies send in a salesman with a lot of product knowledge, but no real experience in using the tool they are trying to sell. They don't take the time to understand your company, or the challenges.

LTBC is different. Before recommending any tool, we always take the time to understand your business and what works for you. This paints a clear picture of how, and where, technology can enable you and your business to grow and thrive.

4) Building and supporting you to be effective, strong leaders.

LTBC helps you cultivate strong and effective leaders.

The best leaders demonstrate:

· Strength

· Decisiveness

· Consistency

· Action

These are the attributes that all key board members and CEOs should demonstrate and develop in order to support your people, strengthen your brand, drive change and promote your business in a powerful way.

5) Branding that never settles for the status quo

LTBC helps keep your brand moving in a practical, pragmatic and progressive way.

This means looking at branding from a real-world perspective that doesn’t settle for the way it’s always been done. Make sure your brand can keep up with the fast-paced, ever-changing world we do business in, by having the tools and the courage to take risks and evolve.

4) Insurance audits for robust, sustainable businesses

LTBC has years of combined experience which means we can take a comprehensive, impartial approach to evaluating your business insurance. We may also be able to save you costs on your premiums, freeing up money for you to invest elsewhere.

The risk of not being covered could spell business failure.

We don’t sell insurance, but we do audit your cover.

Our expert insurance auditor takes time to understand the nuances of your business and your industry particularly:

- The purpose of your business.

- Your ability to recover after a disaster.

- The level of cover and the reasons for your policies.

We help you understand:

1) The benefits of business planning and disaster recovering planning.

2) How your insurance policies fit into the bigger business picture.

5) Supporting leaders with a vision

LTBC helps business leaders develop the skills they need to build and sustain a winning culture, whilst achieving their business vision. We believe effective people and workplace cultures are:

- Transparent & Responsive

- Consensus-oriented

- Equal and inclusive

- Effective and efficient

- Accountable

- Engaged, sharing and involved.

Partner with LTBC: An innovative way to recruit the right people, right away.

LTBC provides our clients with a rewarding and trustworthy experience. As a business, we are constantly refining and redefining our products and practices to ensure we can provide the ultimate in added value.

We are talented and courteous business consultants who strive to make a difference in your business. We understand that in today’s market there is a shortage of senior executives, and we look to bridge those gaps in the industry by filling immediate vacancies with part-time, talented staff.

We provide this quickly and affordably, so that businesses can meet their urgent staffing requirements.

We are also highly skilled business profilers who only select round pegs for round holes, ensuring all candidates have been correctly profiled and will be the right cultural fit.

Meet Our Consultant

Kim Allen: Principal Consultant at LTBC.

A mentor to many NZ business executives, Kim continues to develop strategies and new initiatives for NZ businesses.

Kim led the Business Council Association in the UK and was instrumental in putting together many steering groups and leading projects for industry sectors.

Having spent the last 30 years in senior management, CEO and directing positions, Kim has considerable experience and knowledge of large and medium organisations, consulting in the C-suite arena, employment, sales & marketing and training. He brings a wealth of experience in assisting CEOs, boards and senior managers to improve their skills. He is also renowned for his sales training, motivating and supporting many sales staff towards achieving outstanding results.

Kim wrote the book: The Pocketbook of Sales and Marketing which can be requested by email. He has nearly finished writing his second book “From Surreal to Real”

Kim is passionate about supporting business leaders to achieve their vision and goals and has personally been involved in some of Europe’s largest and most successful organisations.

Kim has inspired others to great success and is an advocate of the idea: “if you haven’t achieved it yourself, then you’re not in the position to teach others.”

Anthony McMahon: Partner and Director


As LTBC’s IT expert, Anthony has a wealth of experience and talent in the technology and prevention sector.

Anthony cuts through the hype and jargon to remove complexities and demystify technology – enabling you to not only regain control, but also transform your business. He designs and implements policies, processes and strategies that work, so you can focus your energy on achieving outcomes and providing excellent customer service, knowing that your technology is working hard for you, not the other way around.

Anthony partners with businesses to understand what they want their technology to enable them to do. He asks the right questions and analyses their challenges to determine effective and relevant solutions.

To help you manage IT problems, Anthony digs deep to find the root cause, enabling you to take the right action with your technology – to get it fixed or to prevent problems in the first place. After it’s resolved, everything is fully documented, keeping you accountable and covered.

With Anthony’s knowledge of IT security and the impact of technology, he also helps assess and mitigate your security risks. You can focus on the big picture again with confidence that you have robust systems in place.

Technology needn’t be overwhelming or avoided, and to get that message across, Anthony is also a public speaker. NZ speaking gigs include IT Rutherford, Business Strategy and Tech Talks. He has spoken about creating a risk awareness culture, intelligent business automation and how it will drive business, and how to align your technology and your business to increase productivity.

Our Mission and Vision

We are excited and confident that LTBC stands out in the arena of business consultancy. Benchmarking ourselves against the best, continuously improving and making a difference in the marketplace is how we continue to do our bit for the economy.

Our three core values of integrity, humility and trust are instilled into everything we do.

We listen, learn and build strong, rewarding relationships with our clients that will immediately add value. We’re here to not only save you money, but to make your business more profitable, whilst helping you grow your business in line with your goals and vision.

In today’s digitally-driven world, doing your homework on your market and understanding the drivers are essential, as is working together with those who continue to be motivated by the opportunities and challenges.

All businesses need to look at the way they progress and the practices they have in place to support and train their staff. We must be transparent, inclusive and open to what our staff’s needs and wants are. This not only increases productivity, but makes sure staff work with pride and passion.

To increase engagement and passion, we encourage every company to put their company vision proudly on display, along with their values and mission statement.

Today’s businesses must not shy away from challenges and the need to improve productivity and profit in a way that is sustainable and good. We must also work together to make working environments better – to support success and bring out the best in our businesses.

In this ever-evolving digital age, we have a huge future ahead of us and working together is key to progress and success.

Ready to transform your business and develop your leadership skills?

LTBC offers a 30-minute free session for all businesses – we’ll come to you.

We’d love to hear from you

We’re always keen to receive feedback and hear ways we can improve our services. Please feel free to contact us, we would love to hear your suggestions, ideas or thoughts. Or, you can talk to us about any challenges you are facing in your business and how we can help.

021 027 24797

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Our brochure

Creating better leaders and driving a better future for today’s businesses. LTBC are a team of experienced, talented experts with a shared mission to see you and your business succeed. Whether you are

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