Let’s Talk Business (LTB) is a Private Limited company.
We consult to businesses throughout New Zealand.
No one person can be good at everything.
We decided in the early days that if we are going to offer something different, then we needed to know what it is that is trending for leaders today, what problems and issues they are facing.
Our Business Partners are all very successful, experienced, mature leaders, from corporate backgrounds.  Our Chairman, has over 40 years of experience leading boards at the corporate level, a key decision maker who has led large organisations in the UK, Europe, Australia, and NZ. We have a unique blend of strength, aptitude,  ability, that is changing behavior and performance and enabling many businesses in NZ to achieve outstanding performance and growth.
We have established a unique process, that allows us to identify critical areas of concern, working with leaders to accelerate solutions effectively.
We needed to complete diligence around our business proposition, asking the critical questions that are concerning business leaders today. LTB constructed our list of questions carefully making sure we got accurate feedback on real-time issues. LTB wanted answers which would give us the confidence and would allow us to put together several business matrices and situational leadership style questionnaires, empowering us to identify and prep solutions.
LTB wanted to make sure that our skills and talents would be able to satisfy the numerous issues leaders in businesses are facing every week.
We discovered that these were the main business issues, that leaders wanted answers to, we also learned that leaders are not always up to speed with what is trending in other organisations, it was evident that we needed to concentrate our expertise on finding solutions to these main areas of threat and risk.
We looked at the top 7 top reasons, these leaders suggested would be huge disablers in their businesses if they could not find solutions.
1) Skill Gaps:
Causing major concerns; finding solutions will be crucial over the next 12 Months.
2) Changing Culture,
Incorporating TRUST in their business, eradicating corporate terrorism,  members of staff that gossip and fuel negative speak, contaminating and obstructing business growth.
3) Succession Planning,
Talent spotting, growth from within, this must happen to leverage and grow businesses today.
4) Profiling:
The wrong mix in your business, who is holding your ladder, this is costly and toxic, if it’s not the right support for you as a leader.  This can send you backward instead of propelling you forwards, ask yourself, have you got the pegs in the right holes in your business,
5) Recruitment:
The Issue of recruitment came up several times in conversations; many Leaders expressed their disappointment around interviewing techniques and getting the right fit for the business, not only the position but also candidates that were looking for a long-term career within a growing and thriving industry.  A Recruitment Agency is not going to sell your company ethos and culture, businesses today need to address the issue of recruitment in-house, following a strategic job interview process developed specifically for your business.
6) Data:
With the advent of change within the commercial world and the way we do business today, it is becoming more prudent that companies can get their hands on the relevant data. This issue is steadily growing concern with businesses expressing that the data they are receiving is not adequate, the gap between what leaders need, and what they get, has not improved over the last ten years. This is a huge problem considering we are in the digital age and need up to date information.
7) Training Staff:
We discovered during our interviews, just how little training is taking place within businesses today, this is a crucial component of delivering security and growth, without training and coaching your staff you will have a non-cohesive workforce and hemorrhage key staff,


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We see ourselves as more than just consultants and sector experts. At the core of our business ethos remains client focus, which is why we never provide a predetermined set of solutions to a challenge.

Instead, we develop a specific offer that responds directly to our client’s needs. We are our client’s partners in the truest sense and as a result, our role is to challenge conventional thinking, we bring ideas to the table and never stop looking for ways to be smarter, leaner, more affordable and more sustainable.